Anu Srivastava

Anu Srivastava is the Chair of Panorama India.

Anu has worked relentlessly to serve the community and promote Indian culture and multi-national events. Anu is the Core Committee Member of Trillium Health Partners Foundation since 2004; Chair of Trillium Gala Fundraiser 2014 and has helped raise millions of dollars for the Trillium Health Partners. Anu led the International event of IIFA in Brampton and was instrumental in hosting the first ever Toronto International Film Festival launch event outside of Toronto in Brampton; programmed several multi-cultural events in collaboration with the Consulate General of India, Toronto for Year of India in Canada; initiated unique partnerships with many organizations; co-presented Theatrical plays like Naseeruddin Shah’s “Ismat Apa Ke Naam”. Anu has received several awards and certificates through the Government of Ontario/Canada; Recipient of top 10 South Asians in North America; Queen Diamond Jubilee Award; Building Communities for Women; Fabulous Women Forty.

Raju Borate - Vice Chair

Raju Borate

Raju Borate is the Vice Chair of Panorama India.

Raju has had numerous years of experience in organizing events of all scales. As a passionate music, arts lover, singer, percussionist and an artist himself he strives to bring the best to the stage. Raju also has sound knowledge on the audio tech and combines this with the stage performances to try and take it to the next level.

Mansha Chowdhry

Mansha Chowdhry is the Secretary of Panorama India.

Garry Bhaura

Garry Bhaura is the Director of VIP & Fundraising of Panorama India.

Jasveen Rattan

Jasveen Rattan is the Director, Media & Volunteer Management of Panorama India.

Sharmila Dara

Sharmila Dara is the Director, Sponsorship of Panorama India.

Sumit Ahuja

Sumit Ahuja is the Director, Culture & Programming of Panorama India.

Sumeeta Kohli

Sumeeta Kohli is the Director, Event Logistics of Panorama India.


Sanjay Agarwal

Sanjay Agarwal is the Director, Vendor Management of Panorama India.