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Panorama India Day 2016

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Panorama India Objective

Panorama India is a not-for-profit umbrella organization to help unite various Indian cultural associations and groups, project a common identity based on their Indian heritage, and celebrate Unity in Diversity. It was established in 1999 with the support from Consulate General of India. It provides a platform for all Indian cultural associations, groups, and individuals to exhibit and showcase their arts and culture and to foster a better understanding between India and Canada. Panorama India is proud to bridge both Indian and Canadian cultures.

The Panorama family consists of Consulate General of India, various Indian Cultural Organizations and Schools, other Like-Minded Associations, our Patrons & Sponsors, our Board of Directors (past and present) and more importantly volunteers and individual members.

Panorama India`s mandate revolves around 3 pillars - Educate, Celebrate and Collaborate.

  • Conduct educational seminars at Schools and Universities throughout Ontario  

  • Develop literature to foster multi-cultural spirit and promote greater understanding of diversity with focus on the Indian sub-continent.  

  • Conduct contests such as Panorama Idol, Mathletics, Bridge Building

  • Educate our members through mentoring programmes on topics such as : Financial self- sufficiency, Tolerance, PC skills, Resume writing

  • Celebrate the diverse cultures that are present in Canada

  • Expose Canadians to our culture through various celebrations during the year and generate a better understanding and appreciation of our people

  • Promote our Diaspora - Samman Awards, Volunteer Service Awards, Panorama Idol, Math Champion, etc.

  • Be Dynamic in showcasing the pertinent issues of the time and recognizing those in our diaspora that contribute
  • Provide positive encouragement and exposure for our membership through our activities


  • Work with Governments and their Agencies here and in India (MOIA)

  • Unite our people by promoting a better understanding of our diverse cultures – respect each other 

  • Participate in mainstream activities by working with other diaspora organizations in GTA and in Canada – Language Expo, JCCC, Blood Banks, Food Banks

  • Become the ‘Go-To’ cultural organization for our members and for Canadians

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