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Panorama India Day 2016

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Past Events

Annual General Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 20th 2017
Time: 6 Pm onwards
Location : Etobicoke Civic Centre, Council Chambers


1. Welcome by Vice Chair
2. Annual report by Chair
3. Presentation of audited financial statement
4. Any other Business


Save the Date – Sunday, August 7, 2016

India Day Festival & Grand Parade

Yonge Dundas Square

India Day 2016

Panorama India Annual General Meeting

Panorama India Community Partners/Supporters

You are cordially invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Panorama India.
Date: Friday, February 26, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm (Sharp) to 8:00 pm
Location: Council Chambers, Etobicoke Civic Centre,
399 The West Mall, Etobicoke On M9C 2Y2

Kindly RSVP via email: by February 25, 2016

See Aganda

Kind regards,
Shalini Srivastava
Panorama India

67TH Repulic Day


India Day

News East West

TORONTO: Top Canadian leaders, including ministers, MPs, MPPs and mayors, will join the Indo-Canadian community in celebrating India's 69th Independence Day at Yonge and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto on Sunday, August 16.

The biggest event of the community draws thousands of people to the colourful parade and subsequent cultural performances showcasing India's diversity in dance, music and culture.

Toronto singer Shirsha Chakaroborty will be the lead performer this year.

Apart the colourfully decorated rickshaws, another unique feature of the India Day parade this year will be a 12-member military band led by Lt Col (Hon) Hari Panday. Panday is the only corporate honcho of Indian origin in Canada who dons the military uniform.

The day-long celebrations will begin with the singing of the National Anthem and patriotic songs. It will be followed by the downtown grand parade comprising VIPs and contingents of different Indian states.

After the parade winds up back at Yonge and Dundas Square, the high-voltage cultural show will unfold.

About three dozen cultural troupes and individual performances will showcase India's rich and diverse cultural heritage non-stop till 8pm.

Over the years, Indian cuisine at the India Day celebrations has become a big draw for families. This year too, more than two dozen food vendors will treat visitors to an array of Indian delicacies – idli, dosa, chat papri, biryani, tandoori and other ethnic dishes. Ethnic Indian products will also be on sale at the venue.

There will be prizes and certificates for the largest and the most ethnic among state contingents.

Yonge Dundas Square can accommodate up to 26 vendors with several sponsorship opportunities. Vendors looking for a booth and those wishing to join cultural performances or register for the parade can contact

ICICI Bank will be the lead sponsor of this year's India Day Festival.


  • Date:February 1, 2015
  • Location:Pearson Convention Centre

66 Republic Day


  • Date: January 18, 2015
  • Location:Don Bosco Secondary School

Idol Audition

Click Here to download Idol Contest Application Form

panorama india agm

TORONTO: Panorama India, which is an independent umbrella organization of various cutural and social bodies of Indo-Canadians, has announced some brand-new initiatives to enlarge its imprint in the New Year, according to its chief Anu Srivastava.

Recognition of Ind0-Canadian organizations and their leaders at the major Panorama India events is one such initiative in the New Year.

Srivastava says she and her fellow board members “intend to lead Panorama India to the next level and work with dedication and sincerity in meeting its objectives,’’ in the New Year..

Giving out details of various past and future activities at the just concluded annual general meeting, she said Panorama India would keep up its critical role in furthering Indo-Canada relations by showcasing the Indian diaspora’s diversity and achievements in Canada by organizing various events.

Among the major events organized by Panorama India are the Indian Independence Day parade, the Republic Day celebrations and Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park.

Looking at the accomplishments of the premier Indian organization in the year gone by, Anu Srivastava, who took over as Panorama India chairperson eight months ago, said, “As we look back upon 2014 it certainly has been a year of challenges, changes, transition and yet some of our biggest achievements too.

“Republic Day celebrations was on February 2nd and Panorama Idol was very successful with record number of participants. I would like to highlight that we were fortunate to honour the great accomplishments and PBD Award of our prominent community leader and philanthropist Vasu Chanchalani, sadly, he is no longer with us.’’

She said that in spite of the challenging transition eight months ago Panorama India organized India Day on August 2 at Mel Lastman Square. “This was perhaps the most successful India Day which had an all-inclusive appeal with the maximum number of community representation, dignitary gathering and vendor stalls.’’

About Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park with the Premier on Oct 8, she thanked India’s “most ardent supporter Premier Kathleen Wynne… for playing an integral role in shaping Ontario’s racial and cultural diversity.’’

 DIWALI with Premier at Queen’s Park on October 8, 2014Premier Kathleen Wynne a Diwali celebrations 2014 at
Queen’s Park.

Speaking about the New Year, she announced that Panorama India is introducing “a brand new initiative to host and celebrate the recognitions of the community organizations and their leaders. This will be held for the first time on February 1, 2015, at India Republic Day.’’

HSBC is likely to Panorama India’s lead sponsor for India Republic Day celebrations. The bank will sponsor the community reception and recognition of one community organization for its services.

“Further Panorama India has re-initiated sponsorship discussions with ICICI Bank and State Bank of India which had been put on hold for almost 2 years. And we continue to work with CIBC for their ongoing support,’’ Anu Srivastva said.

 DIWALI with Premier at Queen’s Park on October 8, 2014ICCC president D.P.Jain and Naval Bajaj at Panorama India AGM

She said, “Our goal is to build partnerships and provide a platform where diverse Indo-Canadians can showcase their talent and bridge Indo-Canadian relations through celebration of culture.’’

According to Srivastava, “During the past four months Panorama India has built relations with several other organizations like the Canada-India Foundation, the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce, the Canada-India Friendship Group, the Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Web Malayalee, Natraj Gujarat Youth, the Agarwals Based in Canada, the Uttarakhand Association, the UPICA, the Telangana Association and many other socio-cultural organizations.’’

 DIWALI with Premier at Queen’s Park on October 8, 2014

TORONTO: Diwali’s official celebrations in Toronto this year came two weeks earlier than traditional celebrations as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, her ministers, members of the provincial parliament (MPP) and Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra joined the Indo-Canadian community in Diwali puja at Queen’s Park here this week. Organized by Panorama India, an umbrella organization of various Indo-Canadian associations, Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park (the Ontario assembly) are an annual feature where the premier joins and greets the Indo-Canadian community on the occasion. After the lighting of traditional diyas (lamps) and the chanting of mantras and prayers by Hindu priests, the premier (equal to a chief minister in India) greeted the Indo-Canadian community on the occasion of the most important festival in Hindu, Sikh and Jain calendars. Kathleen said the Festival of Lights assumes even more significance in Canada because it comes right at the time when dark winter sets in the country.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaking at Diwali celebrations at Queen’s ParkOntario Premier Kathleen Wynne speaking at Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park.

Calling Ontario an important role model for the world because of its racial and cultural diversity, the premier said the Indo-Canadian community is an important part of this diversity.

MPP Dipika Damerla speaking at the Diwali function at Queen’s Park.MPP Dipika Damerla speaking at the Diwali function at Queen’s Park.

Earlier, Dipika Damerla, an MPP of Indian origin in Ontario, introduced the premier to the audience which included many corporate and business leaders, including Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce president Dharma P. Jain. She explained the origins and importance of Diwali in Indian tradition and culture.

Diwali function at Queen's Park

Diwali function at Queen's Park

Diwali function at Queen's Park

Diwali function at Queen's ParkThose who came to Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park. Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce president Dharma P. Jain is above (left).

Panorama India chief Anu Srivastava thanked the Premier for taking off her busy schedule to join in the celebrations. “You are a great supporter of Panorama India and we would like to thank you for attending our events. I would also like to thank the Consul General of India for attending the event,’’ Srivastava said.

Diwali function at Queen's ParkPanorama India chief Anu Srivastava welcoming the Premier.

Diwali function at Queen's ParkPanorama India chief Anu Srivastava (centre) with Panorama board director Shalini Srivastava.

Panorama India board members Shalini Srivastava and Dhruba Ghosh.

Panorama India board members Shalini Srivastava and Dhruba Ghosh.

Srivastava said the Festival of Lights symbolizes the victory of good over evil and Lord Rama’s return to his kingdom Ayodhya where people lit lamps in his welcome. “Hindus believe that the light from the earthen diya symbolizes the enlightenment within the individual,’’ she said. Srivastava also explained the significance of Diwali for Sikhs whose Sixth Guru, Har Gobindji, was released from captivity by Mughal Emperor Jehangir on this day, and for the Jains as Lord Mahavir attained Nirvana on this day. The Panorama India chief also thanked the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) for sponsoring Diwali celebrations at Queen’s Park right from inception.

CIBC vice-president Raza Hasan
CIBC vice-president Raza Hasan

CIBC’s Venky Raman (left) with Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra (back to the camera)CIBC’s Venky Raman (left) with Indian consul general Akhilesh Mishra (back to the camera).

On behalf of the bank, Raza Hasan , senior vice-president at CIBC, said his bank has “a long history of celebrating Canada’s diversity…this includes celebrating the artistic, cultural and business contribution of more than one million people of South Asian heritage in Canada.’’ Raza Hasan said his bank has issued a Diwali medallion with the image of Ganesha and he presented a coin to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

India Day

TORONTO: Toronto mayor Rob Ford danced to bhangra beats, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wore salwar-kameez for the occasion and Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper and his multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney sent their greetings as thousands of Indo-Canadians celebrated India’s Independence Day in advance here on Aug 2.

A huge cultural parade followed by day-long music, dance and cuisine from various parts of India marked the day.

Joining them in the celebrations at Mel Lastman Square on Toronto historic Yonge Street were Indian high commissioner Admiral (Retd) Nirmal Verma and consul general Akhilesh Mishra, Senator Asha Seth, Ontario’s Indo-Canadian minister Dipika Damerla, federal and provincial lawmakers, and top bank executives.

Organized by pan-Indian cultural organization Panorama India, the celebrations kicked off with the cultural parade comprising various Indian states, with the newest Telangana leading with the largest contingent.

For a while, the stretch of Yonge Street next to Mel Lastman Square turned into a colourful mosaic of India as state contingents showcased the country’s rich cultural diversity. Tricolour scarves could be seen everywhere.

India Day

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at India Independence Day in Toronto on Aug 2.

India Day

Premier Kathleen Wynne with high commissioner Nirmal Verma, consul general Akhilesh Mishra, minister Dipika Damerla and Panorama India chairperson Anu Srivastava.

After the parade as the day-long cultural extravaganza began with the unfurling of the Indian flag, Premier Kathleen Wynne addressed the gathering. She asked if anyone in the gathering was there in India in 1947 when it got its independence. Many hands went up, and the Premier looked surprised as she greeted them on the happy occasion.

The Premier lauded India for its “remarkable’’ achievements since 1947. She said India and Canada shared many things, including cultural diversity, and hailed the one-million-strong Indo-Canadian community for its contribution to Canada’s diversity.

“Thank you for enriching Canada,’’ she said. Calling Canada-India relations a “thriving and vibrant connection,’’ the Premier said she wants to `strengthen and deepen’’ this connection.

On a jovial note, she thanked the Indo-Canadian community for bringing cricket to Canada in a big way.

In his speech, Indian high commissioner Admiral (Retd) Nirmal Verma described the recent elections in India as the world’s biggest democratic exercise in which even a lonely voter who lives deep inside the Gir Forest in Gujarat as a temple priest is catered to.

He recalled how US ships used to bring wheat to India for feeding its millions just after independence and how India has now become the world’s largest exporter of rice and the second largest exporter of wheat.

“We are proud of what we have achieved,’’ Admiral Verma said.

India Day

Indian high commissioner Nirmal Verma, consul general Akhilesh Mishra and Senator Asha Seth.

Calling India a “melting pot of cultures,’’ the high commissioner said India and Canada shared common bonds of rich cultural diversity.

He said the Indian diaspora has thrived in Canada because it is a melting pot like India and thanked Canada for accepting the Indian community as equal partners. The high commissioner ended his speech with `Jai Hind, Jai Canada’.

In his message to the Indo-Canadian community, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, “India has evolved into a vibrant, pluralistic democracy and is rising to global prominence.’’

The Canadian PM lauded the more than one million-strong Indo-Canadian community for its contribution to deepening ties between the two countries as he wished them “a memorable celebration’’ of the country’s 68th Independence Day.

Jason Kenny, minister for multiculturalism, said India Day celebrations were an occasion to “reflect upon the many ways in which Canadians of Indian heritage have contributed to Canadian society.’’

Kenney said Indo-Canadians have “enriched Canada with their traditions as well as with their skills, knowledge and talent.’’ He lauded the Indo-Canadians for “your commitment to the community, and to preserving and promoting Indian heritage and traditions.’’

The highlight of the day-long cultural extravaganza was the high-voltage bhangra by RDB’s lead singer Manj who set the stage on fire with hit numbers `Singh is Kinng’, Kade Saadi Gali Bhul Ke Vi Aya Karo, Tu Meri Dal Makhani, etc.

India Day

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doing bhangra with Manj at the India Independence celebrations on Aug 2.

Just as Manj was busy belting out these hit numbers, Toronto mayor Rob Ford popped in. Manj spotted him and reached him and made him shake hips to bhangra beats.

“How exciting to see Mayor Rob Ford dance to the scintillating bhangra beats of Manj,’’ beamed Panorama India chairperson Anu Srivastava who called the mayor to the stage to say a few words to the community.

The mayor lauded the Indo-Canadians as hard working and family-oriented people and `guaranteed’ a quick response if the community approached him on any issue. Similar sentiments were shared earlier from the stage by another Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory.

India Day

Manj and Dr Cabbie star Vinay Virmani entertain the crowd

India Day

Manj, Vinay Virmani, Tia Bhatia and others performing a song from the upcoming film Dr Cabbie.

The most exciting moment came when Indo-Canadian actor Vinay Virmani, whose film Dr Cabbie releases in September, appeared on the stage with Manj to sing and dance with him. Vinay, who was accompanied by Tia Bhatia, said his film is about a qualified doctor immigrant who is forced to take up cab driving in Toronto.

Away from the stage, nearly 30 vendors sold ethnic jewelry and treated visitors to Indian delicacies of biryani, idli, dosa, vada, chicken, corn, ice-cream,etc. Major banks had set up their kiosks.

The Telagana contingent was adjudged the best of the parade.

India Day

Vinay Virmani, Tia Bhatia and Manj pose with Panorama India chairperson Anu Srivastava and director Suvarna Kulkarni.

Said Panorama India Chair Anu Srivastava,“The most interesting feature of this year’s Parade was the community’s enthusiasm. Gujarat’s decorated rickshaw had 400 Gujarati people in the contingent who came in two busloads from Brampton, whereas Telangana had extremely enthusiastic crowds of 150 in the parade with their traditionally decorated hand pulled rickshaws.’’

India Day

At VIP reception, Premier Kathleen Wynne poses with Panorama India team. From left: Dhruv Ghosh, Brij Sharma, Chairperson Anu Srivastava, Shalini Srivastava and Vijay Kumar.

Earlier in the morning welcoming the Premier and others at a VIP reception in the nearby Novotel Hotel, Srivastava, who took over Panorama India chief just a few weeks ago, said, “Taking the lead of the organization twelve weeks ago in the middle of the term is not an easy task. Apart from learning the intricacies inherent to the organization, I foresee an urgent need to profile the Panorama platform and its mandate of Educate, Celebrate and Collaborate.’’

She added, “Panorama India is truly an organization with a dedicated team of volunteers who have immense love for their home land India and want to celebrate India’s rich culture in their adopted homeland Canada. In doing so, Panorama’s efforts have deepened the bonds between the two countries and developed cordial relations”.

North America Premier of Bombay Talkies
Tues Nov 5 @ 7:00PM, Isabel Bader Theatre
Panorama India Community Partner

Panorama India is proud to join hands with Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival in their endeavor to include South Asian films with North American Premier of Bombay Talkies Tues Nov 5 @ 7:00PM, Isabel Bader Theatre Celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema, this Cannes Film Festival Gala film showcases the power of storytelling by four of Mumbai's hottest independent filmmakers. Featuring Bollywood stars Rani Mukerji and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Attached is an e-poster. Exclusive for Panorama India members, Use promo code toronto17 to save 25% off regular ticket prices at (valid until Nov 5; only sales only). BUY TICKETS

bombay Talkies

Message from High Commission of India, Ottawa


It is hereby notified that the terms of service of the present applications collection agency – M/s VFS Global - has expired on 28/02/2013 for entire Canada

Applicants who intend to apply for the Passport, Visa and other Consular Services up to 28/02/2013 may please visit (under 'News and Notices') for detailed information.

Effective 01/03/2013, applications for Passport, Visa and other Consular Services will have to be submitted to

M/s BLS International


Their address and contact details for various locations are given below:

1. Ottawa - 150 Montreal Road, Unit 311, ON, KIL 8H2
2. Montreal – 1000, Sherbrook Steet West, Unit 701, Montreal QC, H2L 1L5
3. Toronto – 1448 Lawrence Avenue E, Unit 6 A, ON, M4A 2V6
4. Brampton - 10 Gillingham Drive , Unit 201 , ON, L6X 5A5
5. Winnipeg – 1806, 201 Portage Avenue, 18th Floor, MB R3B 3K6
6. Surrey - Unit 201-8140 120th Street, Surrey V3W 3N3
7. Calgary – 5120, 47 St NE # 131, Calgary, AB, T3J 4K3
8. Vancouver – Unit B-50, 850 West Hastings Street, BC V6C 1E1
9. Edmonton – 3, 10016, 29a Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1A8

2013 Indian Republic Day Celebrations Videos


Dear Panorama India Supporter,

On behalf of the entire board of Panorama India, I want to sincerely thank you for making Panorama India's 64th Indian Republic Day Celebration & Festival the best ever! Feedback from dignitaries and many many of you has been hugely positive. We had great media coverage and incredible audience support.

Record breaking crowd including many for the first time had the opportunity to Celebrate India’s 64th Republic Day welcoming the High Commissioner of India, Enjoy cultural program spanning from very first time impressive Veena concert, outstanding Indian classical dance fusion with ballet, national anthem on Veena instrumental music to patriotic songs, folk dances, dazzling Bollywood dances, bhangra, Panorama India’s Idol 4th edition, children drawing competition etc etc, Fun, getting around different vendor booth to know about their services, buy unique products and feast on tasty and varieties of food.

We couldn't have accomplished this without your presence and support. We are looking forward to your continued support for our events throughout the year.

Please follow the link to see pictures captured at the event
(please post on your Facebook page)

TORONTO: Indo-Canadian Unity in Diversity. That's was the theme of Panorama India-organized celebrations of India's 64th Republic Day on Sunday at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton on Sunday January 27th.

The new Indian High Commissioner Admiral (Retd) Nirmal Verma, Consul General Preeti Saran, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and others dignitaries joined the local Indo-Canadian community in the celebrations.

The ceremonies began, with Jake Dheer introducing the guests to the audience and former Idol Contest Winners – Ferzana Bohra (2010), Subash Gandhi (2012 seniors) and Anusha Shivalingam (2010) singing patriotic songs. This was followed by 'Veena Symphony' from the Veenalyam School of Music and singing of the national anthems of India and Canada. Then the audiences were enthralled by the colourful invocation dance – Ganesha Vandana - by Menaka Thakkar Dance Company.

Jibanjit Tripathy, Chairperson of Panorama India, welcomed H.E. Admiral (Retd) Nirmal Kumar, the new High Commissioner of India to Canada and then outlined the three-fold mission of the Panorama: Educate, Celebrate and Collaborate. The great Pandit Ravi Shanker, who passed away, last year, was paid a befitting tribute on the overhead projector.

To emphasize the unity in diversity was the dance 'East meets West' – a fabulous presentation of nimble footed ballet and Indian dance union – choreographed by Atri Nundy and Debbie Wilson of the Sampradaya Dance Creations.

Addressing the gathering Consul General Preeti Saran offered her best wishes to the community on India's 64th republic day celebration, she congratulated Panorama India on staging the India Day Festival and introduced the High Commissioner.

The high commissioner praised the work of Panorama India and the Indian diaspora in Canada to promote Indian culture and keeping its traditions alive. He said India has the world's largest young population, and quoted President Pranab Mukherji that India has changed more in the last six decades than in the last six centuries. The High Commissioner acknowledged eminent Indo-Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Aditya Jha on his appointment as members of the Order of Canada.

The highlight of the day was the traditional Folk Dance Competition involving various Canadian dance schools competing for the best folk dance presentation. There was also a Children Drawing Competition, taking place at the same time.

The cultural extravaganza included performances by Kannada Sangha: Old is Gold, Ente Keralam – A bharathanatyam and Mohini Attam Fusion, Mix Bollywood Songs from Neeti Dream Dance, Yog Pranayam Demonstration by Patanjali Yog Peeth Canada, Odisha Festival Dance, Special Bhangra Dance, Bollywood dance, Lavani dance, and a host of crisp choreographed medleys. The grand finale was by Jadoo Entertainment.

The day-long ceremonies came to an end after the presentation of trophies and the announcement of Idol Contest winners, sponsored by State Bank of India (Canada). Sumana Dey was crowned 4th Panorama India's Idol in adult category while Anjana Rajendran was crowned in junior category. State Bank of India President & CEO Sunil Tandon, Panorama India chair Jibanjit Tripathy and co-chair Ramesh Bangalore gave away the awards.

This is also a Mela. Meena bazaar, handicrafts, ethnic outfits, costume jewellery, delicious Indian snacks, food and much more... were put up by large numbers of vendors. For the expatriates in GTA and surrounding areas it was a great Sunday outing with their family and friends. The day brought sweet memories and nostalgia of such ceremonies back home in India. Overall, the event was a resounding success. Panorama India would like to thank you all.

Panorama India was established in 1999 with the support of Consulate General of India as a non-profit umbrella organization with a goal to help unite all Indo-Canadian cultural associations and groups in the GTA and to project a common identity based on their Indian heritage and celebrate Unity in Diversity.

India Independence Day in Toronto Celebrated

with Record Gathering, Top

Leaders, Colorful Parade and Cultural Program

TORONTO, Aug 10: Top Canadian leaders, including Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, ministers and MPs, joined thousands of Indians Panorama India’s India Day Festival and Parade celebrating India’s 67th Independence Day on Saturday featuring cultural performances and a colourful parade in core downtown.

Congratulating Indians at day-long Independence day celebrations at Yonge-Dundas Square, Premier Kathleen Wynne said, “It is a wonderful celebration and I wish you a safe and happy Independence Day.’’ She praised the contribution of the Indo-Canadians for enriching Canada through their hard work and cultural diversity.

“You have strengthened our country through your hard work,’’ the Premier said at the annual event organized by Panorama India – an umbrella organization of various Indian associations. Highlighting deepening relations between India and the largest Canadian province, she said Ontario and India have a lot in common as both were models of democracy and multiculturalism. Lauding the contribution made by the Indo-Canadians in strengthening these bilateral ties, the Premier said Ontario is “fortunate to have half a million people who trace their origin to India.’’

Panorama India Day

Inviting Applications for Cultural Program at Dundas Square for India Day Festival, August 10, 2013
Please send completed application form to

For more information please contact:
Suvarna Kulkarni: (905) 882-4607, Ramesh Bangalore:
(647) 290-0611
Or write to us at

India Day

Panorama India Celebrates Seniors Day

Please Mark Your Calender and Share In Your Network

Date: Sunday June 30, 2013,
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM,
Place: SVBF Auditorium, 80 Brydon Avenue Etobicoke M9W 4N6
For more info. call, Ramesh Bangalore: (647) 290-0611,
Suvarna Kulkarni: (905) 882-4607 Or, write to us at

FREE Heart Risk and Diabetes assessment
by SAHARA group


India's Republic Day Celebration & Mela

Please join with your family & friends to Celebrate: India's 64th Republic Day. Enjoy: Cultural Program not only reflecting cultural diversity of India but unique Veena Symphony at 11:30 AM & East Meets West special presentations at 12:15 PM. Not to forget, 4th Panorama India's Idol Finals to crown Junior & Adult singing idols.

Annual Panorama India Diwali at Queen's park: Premier McGuinty praised as closest friend of India

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty was praised for his role in promoting India-Ontario relations and being one of the "closest friends and supporters" of India, at the Annual Panorama India Diwali celebrations at Queen's Park here on Thursday.

Panorama India, Consulate General of India in Toronto & ICCC, hold a joint reception in the honour of Hon.Meira Kumar, Speaker of India's Lok Sabha

In an historic visit to Toronto, Hon.Meira Kumar, the Speaker of India's Lok Sabha – India lower house of Parliament – lauded the role of the Indian Diaspora in playing a positive role in fostering relations between Canada and India.

The York-Osgoode High School Debating Tournament

Panorama India is extremely pleased to present this India focused debate series in support of our Educate Mandate. We thank Scotiabank for being the Presenting Sponsor and York University/ The York-Osgoode High School Debating Club for collaborating with us.

"Mathletics 2012" A Mathematics competition for Youth ON Sunday September 30th 2012

Panorama India is very pleased at the overwhelming response to the Mathletics Program in the past years. We are very excited and looking forward to this competition for 2012. We encourage participants' parents, friends and family to witness this exciting program.

Panorama's India Day Parade and
Festival Epitomizes Unity in Diversity

August 13, 2012, Toronto: On Saturday, August 11th. a sea of people descended on Yonge-Dundas square to celebrate the India Day Parade and Festival commemorating India’s 66th Independence Day. The event was organized by Panorama India, a non profit organization uniting cultural organizations in the GTA,



"THE LAST HARVEST" - Exhibition of Paintings by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore at McMichael Canadian Art Collection on
May 19 to July 15, 2012

To commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection will host the exclusive Canadian display of the exhibition “The Last Harvest: Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore” from May 19 to July 15, 2012 at McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 10365, Islington Avenue, Kleinburg, Ontarion L0J 1C0.


  Seniors Day - on Sunday June 24, 2012
Panorama India is poised to celebrate the Seniors day for the Third Year on Sunday June 24, 2012. Seniors have all succeeded in their life reaching this stage. Its time for them to look back at their achievements and also remember their younger days and celebrate the sucess. This day is therefore aptly called Yaadon Ki Baaraat and is also the theme for the Seniors day.


  Inauguration Celebration - The Last Harvest:
  Painting by Rabindranath Tagore, May 23rd,
The McMichael Canadian Art Collection hosted a special reception on Wednesday, May 23 for the opening of the exhibition, The Last Harvest: Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore, in the presence of dignitaries from India, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister Michael Chan, and approximately 200 guests from the South Asian Community and the gallery. Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) is beloved by Indians as a poet and writer. He was recognized around the world as the first non-European to be awarded a Nobel Prize for literature, yet few outside India know that he was also a highly regarded visual artist. The Last Harvest: Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore is the one-and-only Canadian showing, on display at the McMichael gallery from May 24 to July 15, 2012.

pan india

  Panorama India's Singing Idol - January
Earlier in 2010 Panorama India launched Panorama India Singing IDOL contest which provided all the aspiring and leisure singers an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the community. Over 100 singers participated in two preliminary rounds that were then narrowed down to final four to perform at the Republic day celebrations.

Panorama India held the final round of selection for Panorama India Idol contest 2011 on January 9th at the Don Bosco Secondary School. After three very competitive selection rounds four lucky contestants were selected out of the pool of 60 aspiring singers as finalists to perform at Panorama India’s Republic Day celebration on January 29th at Pearson Convention Centre. The four finalists are Bharat Sharma, Shirsha Chakraborty, Sumana Ganguly Dey and Vaibhav Karandikar.

India's Republic Day Celebrations - 29th   January, 2011
Each year this event takes place in an indoor venue and showcases the cultural strength of the Indo-Canadian community through stage performances by kids and artists from different regions of India. Over 8,000 people attend this one day event which has everything from entertainment, Indian cuisine, drawing competition for kids, vendors in a Bazaar setting and new this year, Panorama India's first Singing IDOL competition. The event will be held at the Pearson Convention Centre (2638 Steeles Ave E, Brampton, ON)


  India Day Celebrations - 2011
Panorama India celebrated India Day at the Yonge & Dundas Square. The event was attended by over 25,000 people, and showcased numerous cultural events and local talent. There was also a parade of floats representing the diversity of the different regions of India.


  Diwali Celebrations at Queen's Park -   November
Diwali is one of the most important festivals for Indo-Canadians and Panorama India Celebrates this evening at Queens Park with the Premier and other prominent dignitaries from Canadian and Indian communities. Diwali is celebrated during the month of October or November and is the start of the New Year for all people from India.
  Mathletics 2010
Panorama India conducted its first Mathletics competition as part of its mandate to Educate, Celebrate and Collaborate. The competition pitted 80 GTA youths currently in grades 7 to 11. The contest was split into two categories - Junior and Senior.
  India Day 2010
Panorama India celebrated India Day at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto on August 14, 2010. The event showcased multiple cultural events and also a parade of floats representing many regions of India. Famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also made a guest appearance.
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  Seniors Day 2010
Panorama India embarkeded on a new program "Hum Hain Kaamyab" to celebrate Seniors Day on Saturday, 12 June 2010 to recognize, motivate and promote the talents of the seniors in our community. It was a huge success, quite evident by the huge turnout.
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  Diwali 2009 
Panorama India in conjunction with the Consulate General of India (Toronto) celebrated Diwali at Queens Park, Toronto. Premier Dalton McGuinty attended the event with a host of other dignataries.
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  India Day 2009 
Panorama India celebrated India Day at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto on August 9, 2009. The event showcased multiple cultural events and also a parade representing many regions of India. Even the downpour did not dampen the spirits of the participants as well as the audience. Famous Sufi singer Sardool Sikander and Aman Noori enthralled the audience with some melodious songs.
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